We launch Fair Trade Certified Soap Bases

After months of development and testing we are proud and excited to launch the first range of FLO Certified Fair Trade Certified soap bases. Over the course of the next 6 months we will be developing...

We launch Fair Trade Certified Soap Bases

Fair trade is an alternative approach to conventional trade based on a partnership between producers and traders, businesses and consumers. The international Fairtrade system – made up of Fairtrade International and its member organisations – represents the world’s largest and most recognized fair trade system.

This is a fantastic project and underlines our commitment to ethical sourcing in order to support communities and small holders worldwide throughout the supply chain. Our Fair Trade certification will position us as the leading speciality soap base supplier as we now offer Organic Certification, RSPO SG Certification and Fair Trade Certification.

Key objectives

The key objectives of the standards and certification are to:

  • Ensure that producers receive prices that cover their average costs of sustainable production;
  • Provide an additional Fairtrade Premium which can be invested in projects that enhance social, economic and environmental development;
  • Enable pre-financing for producers who require it;
  • Facilitate long-term trading partnerships and enable greater producer control over the trading process;
  • Set clear core and development criteria to ensure that the conditions of production and trade of all Fairtrade certified products are socially, economically fair and environmentally responsible

The FAIRTRADE Mark is recognized by consumers around the world as the leading social and sustainable development Mark. It inspires high trust in consumers around the world that a considered purchase improves the lives of people and communities in developing countries.

The FAIRTRADE Mark can be found on a wide range of products – numbering over 27,000 around the globe – including food and drinks, cotton and clothing, and even jewellery made from Fairtrade gold and other precious metals, so we’re delighted to bring this mark into Soap and Personal Care applications.

Core requirements and development requirements

Fairtrade standards distinguish between core requirements, which producers must meet to be certified, and development requirements that encourage producers to continuously improve and to invest in the development of their organizations and their workers. This concept is developed for the target group of Fairtrade; disadvantaged producers and workers. It encourages sustainable, social, economic and environmental development of producers and their organizations.

Common principles

The following common principles are considered in all Fairtrade standards applicable to small-scale producers and workers and their organizations:

  • Social development.
  • Economic development.
  • Environmental development.
  • Forced labour and child labour are prohibited in the Fairtrade standards.

More information on our new standards and Fair Trade can be found here.


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